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Calibrating bench


• 1.75″ up to 5″ inside diameter. This size covers most of the market.
Its versatility gives you the ability to calibrate car and (light) truck cylinders. In addition to maritime applications, among others.
• Secure anchoring!, with uniform support. The clamping device quickly and firmly clamps the worktable to the block, exerting even pressure over the entire surface (without altering the centering accuracy or distorting the block).
• Multi-speed
• Pneumatic airbag, you’ll raise and lower the block with minimal effort
• Three-Point Centering: Proven by caliper manufacturers as the most effective way to find center. Precision centering anywhere on the cylinder.
• 2” cast iron table, essential to be made of cast iron, since vibrations are absorbed.
• “T” slot provides maximum block accessibility.

• “T” slot provides maximum block accessibility.

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Siempre tienen una solución, los equipos de Vinsa han formado parte de mi taller, desde hace mas de 20 años
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El acabado y el tiempo que me ahorran es muy significativo.