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Tilting table

Specifically designed to complement your grinding equipment!

Tilting table for planing heads
Vinsa Venegas Industrial machinery, pioneers in the design and manufacture of this device.
Using our tilting table with quick centering. We managed to reduce alignment and centering times by up to 80%. (even in complex geometries such as: Malibu, C15, v6 – v8 – v10 engines) .
In addition to being high performing, our tilt tables are cast, which is ideal for absorbing vibration.
How does it work?
Through the use of fine threads (which provide greater precision), the table is leveled by adjusting and moving some cranks (which are very intuitive and with minimal effort you will achieve precision adjustments).


Long-lasting accessories:

• Blued to prevent corrosion, extending useful life
• Tempered anchor points to prevent wear
• Galvanized anchors to prevent corrosion
• High hardness studs

Carlos WittRectificaciones Witt - Guadalajara
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Siempre tienen una solución, los equipos de Vinsa han formado parte de mi taller, desde hace mas de 20 años
Carlos GarnicaRectificaciones Garnica - Guadalajara
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Tengo 2 de sus equipos y nada que fallan, trabajan todo el día, los equipos mas rápidos del mercado.
AlejandroMultiservicios el Jandín - Navolato, Sinaloa
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El acabado y el tiempo que me ahorran es muy significativo.