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VIN 5000

Free work area, IDEAL FOR HEAVY WORK

Designed for the cheek! This large surface grinding machine has a motorized vertical displacement that makes brushing times more efficient and facilitates the operation. Its unique design provides free access to mount the motors, as well as a larger usable area than other models. You can brush from a motorcycle head to monoblocks such as: N14 / Cummins 350 / Tritón V10, among others. Its performance allows brushing large motors in a matter of minutes (8 – 10 m)



• It is NOT devalued

• Runs on CNC-type linear guides, not on a bench, not with ball bearings (maintenance free)

• Training, installation at no cost

• Without intermediaries, direct deal with the manufacturer

• Stock of supplies / spare parts

• Modifications at the client’s request -Mexican engineering / Made in Mexico -Support 24/7 at no cost

*services and maintenance free of charge for life


Brushing time

Heads 3 -6 min / Engines 6-10 min

Double cutterPCD and CBN
Centering and Alignmenttilting table
PrecisionDial Indicators
Cutting variator (rpm)
Diesel and gasoline headsAll
MonoblocksUntil mercedes 906 / V 10
Weight1800 kg



• 2 parallel 4” / 4 parallel of 8′
• 2 Precision indicators
• 2 Shims of 1” / 2 Shims of 2” – 6 Floor levelers
• Tilt table 44”
• Fixing system for monoblocks in V -1 PCD pad / 1 CBN pad
• 1 Leveling support (jack)
• Tool kit

Carlos WittRectificaciones Witt - Guadalajara
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Siempre tienen una solución, los equipos de Vinsa han formado parte de mi taller, desde hace mas de 20 años
Carlos GarnicaRectificaciones Garnica - Guadalajara
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Tengo 2 de sus equipos y nada que fallan, trabajan todo el día, los equipos mas rápidos del mercado.
AlejandroMultiservicios el Jandín - Navolato, Sinaloa
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El acabado y el tiempo que me ahorran es muy significativo.